Why do Russian women want to marry Western men?

The fact that hundreds of beautiful Russian women are posting their profiles online in hopes to find a Western husband is making many people wonder. Why good-looking and well-educated women are not getting married in their own country? What is so special about Western men that all these women are willing to give up their home country, their friends and family, their career, language and culture just to get married to a foreign man?

Some say that Eastern European and Russian women want to get out of the country, so they will marry anyone as far as they have an American or Western European passport. Others say that there are no decent men in Russia: they are abusive alcoholics who don’t know how to treat women. Some also say that Russian women are materialistic and greedy for money, so they are looking for Western husbands, because they are supposedly richer.

Thankfully, all the above statements are myths.

People who claim that Russian women want to get out of Russia usually have never been in Russia. American media like to portray the former Soviet block as the land of cold, poverty and misery. It comes as a surprise to many that Russia is not what the media make it look like.

Most foreigners who go to Russia or Ukraine, especially to major cities, such as Kiev, Saint Petersburg or Moscow, are impressed with how well people live over there. Luxury cars, brand name clothing, nice apartments and sky-high prices are pretty good indicators that Russians are not poor. Moscow is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world and there are hundreds of millionaires living in this city. Of course, there are poor people in Russia as well, but there are poor people in every country, including the United States, so it is naïve to assume that all Russian women want is your citizenship.

The second myth, stating that all Russian men are alcoholics, who don’t respect and abuse women is also widespread due to the biased media, who make people believe that vodka is the only beverage that Russians drink. There are exceptions, of course, but most Russian men respect women and cherish them.

As far as money goes, Russian women are not any more and maybe even less materialistic than Western women. They admit that they would prefer to meet a man who is financially secure, but this is understandable since they are going to a different country and realize that it may take them a while before they settle in and start making money as well.

So if all these are not true, why then Russian women want to get married to Western guys?

The answer to this is very simple. Russian women don’t want to get married specifically to Western men. They simply want to get married. Unfortunately for Russian women, there are more women than men in Russia, so they have to look for husbands abroad.

There are certain qualities in Western men that Russian women like, but there are also plenty of qualities that they are not quite fond of, so the main reason for them looking for a foreign husband remains their desire to marry.

Marriage is very important for a Russian woman. A good marriage, not career or wealth is an indicator of happiness for them. The woman can be rich and have a brilliant career, but if she doesn’t have a good husband and children, her life she will be unfulfilled.

Russian women are not ready to leave their country, family and friends for your passport or your money, but they are willing to give up a lot to have a successful marriage and a happy family.